Build a Collapsible PVC Paint Booth

I’ve seen a hundred videos on YouTube on paint booths. Some of them are made of a wood frame, some pvc, some even use the entire room as a paint booth. Very few DIY paint booths are collapsible and reusable. So that was my goal with this paint booth were that it would be a decent size for smaller projects, cheap to build, reusable and collapsible. Well I achieved just that. I hope you find this solution a perfect fit for you.

To get started you’re going to need a few things. You will need about 17 – 10 foot pieces of pvc pipe. I used schedule 10 to save a few bucks but you can also use schedule 40 just the same. I also used 2 rolls of 10’ by 25’ plastic sheeting, you can probably find a two pack for less than individual pricing. I used 3.5 mil but if you want yours to be more durable you can absolutely use 6 mil, again, I just wanted to save a few bucks. You will also need 37 ¾” T fittings and 24 90 degree elbows. Look for the bulk packages to save here. Alternatively, you can use ¾” 3-way fittings in the corners. The home depot I went to didn’t have them, so I went about it differently. You will need some pvc primer and glue and Velcro sticky backed coins, I found a pack of 75 at Michael’s which I got for $5.50 with a 50% coupon. Although not required, just highly suggested, you can integrate a shop light and two cheap air filters. If you haven’t seen the video on how to make the box fan air filters check it out here.

2 thoughts on “Build a Collapsible PVC Paint Booth”

  1. Hi Jack Of All DIY!

    I am looking to build the DIY Spray Booth and I was wondering if with the filters in place, it would still be a good thing to take the exhaust of the fans outside through a exhaust hose (like we use for an air conditioning unit).

    Any advice would be welcome.



    1. Absolutely, In fact I do not advise on not having the paint booth just blowing into a closed garage at all. When painting there are two things that we worry about. Overspray and the solvents. The fans and filters tend to the overspray… and unless you have really strong fans pulling a lot of air through solvent grade filters, then we aren’t doing anything to tend to solvents, which is why I highly, highly suggest keeping all the doors open when it’s in use. I use the paint booth primarily to keep the paint area “clean” so floating debris have less chance of getting on my item, the fans help pull all that over-spray and dust away from the item I’m spraying and keep the overspray out of the air. The other reason is that it will keep the overspray off your cars and your neighbor’s cars. Hope that helps.

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