DIY Sortimo Storage Rack with Tool Station

Sortimo storage solutions are a sweet way to keep your hardware. The only issue is that Sortimo organizers are expensive. In fact, I think this entire solution I have here cost about the same as 2 Sortimo organizers… That’s including the wood, castors and organizers.

This setup uses the Harbor Freight organizers. These are definitely much cheaper in price and the quality isn’t up there either. But you can count on these things and that’s what matters.

When I bought my circular saw and used it for the first time, I fell in love. That is until I set it down. The base is narrow and it’s top heavy, so it just fell over. I knew I needed some sort of stand that could hold it securely. My instant thought was french cleats, which led me down a rabbit hole.

I thought at first I could just build a box with cleats and castors on it, but then I thought well if I am going to use cleats, I will eventually need cleats somewhere on my walls. The only place I would like to put them are just above my work bench. The problem is that my work bench has a cabinet above it that is full of hardware. Ahh Hah!!! Idea… I could build a Sortimo storage rack with french cleats around it. This would release the need of the cabinets and get me a tool station that I can move around the shop.

What’s so great about your Sortimo storage wannabe solution?

I know there have been a bunch of videos on this exact topic, and that’s ok. This rack isn’t a far departure from most of them. In fact, there are quite a few that very closely resemble this one. The two main things I wanted to integrate into this design is that I wanted the Sortimo storage slots to be modular, so I can move things around how I like them. Next, I wanted to make sure there were french cleats around the sides and back so I can set up only the tools I need for a particular task, say breaking down sheet goods or assembly.

DIY Sortimo Storage Rack Plans

Get the plans here – only $1.00

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