Easy Wall Decor – Chevrons Wall Decor

Today, I am sharing with you a short video on an easy wall decor. This is a super easy and quick build. I am actually impressed with how these turned out. I mean it’s nothing exciting or amazing, but just the aesthetics of this wall decorations is pleasing.

The tools I have available to me right now are very limited. In fact all I’m going to use today are a miter saw, a flush trim saw, 2 c- clamps, a belt disk combo sander, a biscuit joiner, a sanding block and the remnants of what’s left in a glue bottle. Today, I wanted to check a honey do off my list. My wife has been wanting me to make a wall decoration for her. She wanted this set of chevrons. This is a super easy build and this can be completed in the time that it takes for glue and stain to dry. So let’s go!

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