Harley Quinn Hammer Tutorial in Video form

I wanted to leave your options open. So if you want to do the whole thing yourself, just get the templates.

Get the Harley Quinn Hammer Templates

Harley Quinn is the most popular female cosplay character right now, and there is no question why… she kicks major butt… especially with her hammer (technically a mallet). In this Harley Quinn hammer tutorial I will show you how I build the coolest Harley Quinn Hammer ever. I have built about a dozen of these hammers now and have figured out all the tricks to get it looking good, round and colored just right. You can build Harley’s hammer on your own and figure out the math and geometry yourself. Alternatively, I have a set of templates available. This way you don’t have to worry about the hard part.

Build Video Tutorials

Part 1

Part 2

Get the Harley Quinn Hammer Templates

Other Builds

Here are some photos of builds that others have completed.

Mallet Build by William Vazquez
Mallet Build by William Vazquez
Mallet Build by William Vazquez
Mallet Build by William Vazquez
Mallet Build by William Vazquez
Mallet Build by William Vazquez

Why I started to build Harley Quinn Hammers

For Halloween 2015, my wife and I dressed up as TDK Joker and Arkham Knight Harley Quinn. My wife asked me if I would build her a hammer and this is what I come up with. The original hammer was much less refined as the ones I build now, but it was still an amazing piece. The handle grip area was completely covered in a turks head know. It took me about 16 hours to complete alone.
So after Halloween I decided that I wanted to sell the Hammer.

Why I decided to share a Harley Quinn Hammer Tutorial

I thought to myself, there seems to be a market for this item right now. So I went back to the drawing board refining aspects about the first hammer including the curves and colors. I reached a point where it was perfect. Obviously, I needed to cut the cost down to the range defined by my feedback, so as a result I streamlined the handle. I was able to get the price of the hammer down to $250.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the cost is still too much for most. I decided to share how I made it. Then offer the templates to you at a much more affordable cost. I hope you can take these templates and build yourself a Harley Quinn Hammer that kicks the pants off of any other Harley you may ever meet.

Get the Harley Quinn Hammer Templates

4 thoughts on “Harley Quinn Hammer Tutorial in Video form”

  1. Your vid tutorial is great
    I am in the middle of my build of this and can’t find where you list the length of the conduit or pvc?

    1. Brett,
      I’m so sorry about that. I have emailed an updated template file to you. I hope the build goes smooth for you!

      1. You’re the best thanks for the quick reply hopefully I can come close to the build quality will send pics if it’s good!

        1. Oh I’m sure you got this. It seems harder than it is. Once you get to the paint process, you will start to see it come together. I look forward to seeing it when it’s done!

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